My name is Susann Prasse and I am a 26-year-old architectural graduate. I was awarded an academic degree at the Technical University in Dresden, Germany in August 2017.

This website serves not only as my online portfolio for future employers to easily contact me, but also as my own little collection so I can look back and see the progress of my previous thoughts, works and experiments.

Before studying at university, I took the opportunity to work and travel in Australia and New Zealand for two years. I have been to many other places too, but the world offers so much more to see. I love to travel, because I can see beautiful places of the world, learn about different cultures, meet special people, and I’m able to see some inspiring examples of various forms of architecture.

For me designing a building is like a really big puzzle. Pieces such as the materials used, site selection, design and how they interact with each other all need to be considered as it will have a very strong impact on people and their environment. Architecture has the power to make an unforgettable history but also shapes the future and I’m glad to have the opportunity to be a part of this. Every task comes with its share of big challenges, and it is solving these challenges that I really enjoy.


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